• Biogas Application

    The biogas power generation technology provides clean energy, which not only solves environmental problems in biogas engineering, consumes a large amount of waste and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also turns waste into treasure, creating considerable heat energy and electricity, in line with the environmental protection concept of energy recycling and utilization, and also brings huge economic benefits.


    Biogas Power Generation Solution

    Biogas power generation belongs to renewable energy power generation. Biogas combustion power generation is a biogas utilization technology that has emerged with the continuous development of large-scale biogas tank construction and comprehensive utilization of biogas. The engine uses the biogas generated by anaerobic fermentation treatment and is equipped with the comprehensive power generation device to generate electricity and heat energy.


    Advantages of Liyu Gas Generator Set in Biogas Power Generation Application

    Fast and efficient combustion system technology is adopted, utilizing a combination of vortex and tumble intake to promote high-efficient, fast and clean combustion of methane in the cylinder of internal-combustion engine, which can minimize exhaust gas emissions. The low friction technology with asymmetric barrel face piston, piston ring and reticulated cylinder liner is used to reduce the oil consumption and friction loss, and the lubricating oil consumption is low. Specially designed aftercooler cores, cylinder heads, main bearings and connecting rod bearings that are hardened against corrosive elements.