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Centralize on the manufacturing of gas engine,
Focus on the development and application of “non-CO2” greenhouse gases

Liyu Group was founded in 1994 with headquarter located in Dongguan, Guangdong. Currently it has three major new energy industries covering the R&D and manufacturing of gas engine, comprehensive utilization solutions of gas energy, investment and operation of power station. Its products and services are spreading all over China. Liyu gas generator set has been widely applied to the power generation sector of “non-CO2” greenhouse gases e.g. coal seam gas (gas), marsh gas, natural gas, biomass gas, industrial exhaust gas etc.       

Group provides diversified comprehensive utilization solutions of combustible gas generation system with the modes of R&D and manufacturing of gas engine and the development and application of greenhouse gases, as well as develops a business mode of joint development for a full industry chain covering R&D, design of engine industry, sales and service, and project operation.    

Business Sector

  • Generator Set Sales

    Customers are able to purchase the gas generator set, Liyu will provide the customized generator set for them, as well as help customers to complete construction of power station, debugging, acceptance check and delivery for use. Customers should make a payment for equipment according to the contractual terms.   

    Meanwhile, Liyu is able to provide the professional operation and maintenance services according to customers’ demands, as well as provide the efficient, stable, economical one-stop system operation and management services for power station within its full life circle. Customers should make a reasonable payment for the operation services according to the electric energy production. 

    Liyu Products’ power coverage is 900KW-2000KW, which makes the products widely applicable to various gas (variable-component gas) areas and achieve a nationwide performance.

  • System Integration & EPC Engineering

    Compact structure with complete functions; 

    Efficient and reliable with a low operational cost; 

    Modular configuration with a more flexible application.

  • Development and Utilization of Greenhouse Gas

    Liyu’s marketing system is oriented by technology. It establishes a professional technical team integrating the superior technical resources domestically and globally, and well understanding the customers’ demand, which can fully cover all stages of project from pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales.     

    From the initial feasibility research, plan design, equipment provision, construction, contractual acceptance check to operation, Liyu is able to customize the all-round and integrative energy solution for customers to ensure a maximum benefit.

  • Energy Conservation Service

    Liyu and customers can jointly invest the energy-conservation and carbon-drop power generating project according to the agreed investment interface. Both parties will cooperate in accordance with the mode of Contractual Energy Management Contract, and share the energy-conservation profit on the basis of local electricity price.   

    Both parties will reach an agreement on the total amount of energy conservation according to the negotiable sharing period of energy conservation benefit. In the energy conservation project, the ownership for partial equipment invested by Liyu can be transferred to customers, customers have an option of allowing Liyu to perform paid operation and maintenance management services, or provide after-sales and spare parts guarantee while customers perform operation and maintenance management on their own.    

Gas Generator Set

Power Coverage:900kW --2000kW

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