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Centralize on the manufacturing of gas engine
Focus on the development and application of “non-CO2” greenhouse gases

Liyu Group was founded in 1994 with headquarter located in Dongguan, Guangdong. Currently it has three major new energy industries covering the R&D and manufacturing of gas engine, comprehensive utilization solutions of gas energy, investment and operation of power station. Its products and services are spreading all over China. Liyu gas generator set has been widely applied to the power generation sector of “non-CO2” greenhouse gases e.g. coal seam gas (gas), marsh gas, natural gas, biomass gas, industrial exhaust gas etc.       

Group provides diversified comprehensive utilization solutions of combustible gas generation system with the modes of R&D and manufacturing of gas engine and the development and application of greenhouse gases, as well as develops a business mode of joint development for a full industry chain covering R&D, design of engine industry, sales and service, and project operation.    

Group (Guangdong Liyu Holding Ltd.) has established several subsidiary companies e.g. Hunan Liyu Gas Power Co., Ltd., Guangdong Liyu Green Energy Co., Ltd., HuNan Liyu Environmental Energy Co., Ltd., Liyu (Hongkong) Co., Ltd., andHunan Liyu Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd., and Liyu Yibao (Vietnam) Shoe Material Co., Ltd. etc.  

Liyu Group has owned more than 60 scientific research achievements and national patents on gas generation industry. It is a national-level high-tech enterprise, as well as a professional, unique and superior “Little Giant” enterprise.  

Industrial layout

Corporate culture

  • Liyua’s Mission

    Provide the core generator set, system solutions and project development of energy-conservation and emission-reduction projects for customers.

  • Liyu’s Vision

    Become a leader in the manufacturing of core equipment and the development and utilization of gas for gas energy industry in China.

  • Core Value

    Appreciate Talents, Respect Customers, Team Cooperation, Develop Innovation, Pursue Excellence

  • Conduct with one spirit

    Pragmatic Progress, Harmonious Coexistence

  • Work with three purposes

    Enterprise Success, Employee Happiness, Return Society

  • Eight Operation Principles

    Prioritize integrity for operation, Prioritize responsibility for management, Prioritize cultivation for employees, Prioritize value for service, Prioritize standard for brand, Prioritize sharing for achievement, Prioritize growth for development

Development History


Opened up industrial gas field,

Led the advent of green generation era of industrial gas! 


Successful ignition of LY2000 gas generator set; 

Annual sales and installed capacity broke through 100WM. 


Successful delivery of LY1600 gas generator set;

Volume production of LY1200\LY1600 and launched on Shanxi market, Gas station with installed capacity of 70MW combined to the grid    


Liyu’s first LY1200 gas generator set of independent research and develop was successfully delivered and passed Hunan Product Quality Certification. 


Awarded as “Hunan High-Tech Enterprise”;

Recognized by Changsha’s Technology and Research Center of Gas Comprehensive Utilization Engineering.  


Established “Hunan Liyu Gas Power Co., Ltd.”;

Invested approximately 1 billion to construct Hunan Liyu Science and Technology Industrial Park covering an area of 130,000m2, configured the complete R&D management system and production line.     


The first proprietary complete-set and installed gas generator set project officially launched into operation. 


Company was renamed as “Dongguan Liyu Gas Power Co., Ltd.”;  

Invested approximately 300 million to construct Guangdong Liyu Science and Technology Industrial Park covering an area of 40,000m2, configured the professional R&D and manufacturing technology team, which marked Liyu officially entered the field of gas generator set.  


Successful application for combined heat and power generation project with total installed capacity of 50MW.  


Dongguan Liyu Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. was officially established;

A professional supplier of equipment sales, complete set and after-sales service for the globally well-known brands JOHN DEERE, MAK diesel generator set.   

Patent certificate

More than 60 national patents have been obtained

Honors and qualifications

  • 2022年荣获专精特新“小巨人”企业证书

  • 2022年荣获中国节能协会会员证书

  • 荣获ISO 9001质量管理体系认证证书

  • 2020年获得中国制造网SGS国际认证资质

  • 2019年获得中国城市燃气协会副主任委员单位认证

  • 2019年获得国家高新技术企业认定

  • 2019年荣获长沙市企业技术中心认证

  • 2016年获得长沙市能源综合利用协会副会长单位认定

  • 2016年荣获科技成果研发证书

  • 2016年荣获长沙市科学技术进步奖

  • 2015年荣获工业和信息化科学技术成果登记证书

  • 2014年获得长沙市燃气综合利用工程技术研究中心认定

  • 荣获ISO 9001质量管理体系认证证书

  • 荣获中国国际商会可持续发展委员会常务委员单位

  • 荣获中国国际商会常务理事

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