Jiangxi Xinyu Zhenghe Biogas Power Generation Project

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The project is located in Jiangxi Zhenghe Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., Luofang Town, Yushui District, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province. Jiangxi Zhenghe Ecological Agriculture is a provincial-level leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Jiangxi Province. It is committed to solving the environmental protection problem of breeding manure and building a green ecological recycling agricultural park, and has established a "N2N------ pig-marsh-fruit" regional green ecological recycling agricultural model. The agricultural waste treatment center and organic fertilizer center will fully quantitatively collect and treat manure and dead pigs produced by upstream "N" breeding enterprises, and connect downstream "N" planting parks to build regional green ecological recycling agricultural parks. Invest in the construction of biogas power generation projects to achieve reasonable and effective utilization of biogas energy.
The project adopts 1 Liyu brand LY12V170 engine. After the project is completed, the annual power generation will be 8.8 million kW.h, which makes the manure from the farm turn gorgeous again and turn into clean electricity. While meeting the power plant's own electricity demand, the excess electricity will be The electric