Inner Mongolia Chayouqianqi Ferroalloy Exhaust Gas Power Generation Project

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The project is located in Chayouqianqi Industrial Park, Inner Mongolia. It is a 2 × 42000kVA fully enclosed high-carbon ferromanganese ore thermal furnace of Chayouqianqi Ferroalloy Company. It is equipped with 1 × 25 tons of CLU oxygen-blowing refining furnace and 1 × 3600kVA refining furnace exhaust gas for resource utilization. The technological upgrading includes: upgrading the gas purification and transportation, increasing the dual-mode gas cabinet, configuring 14 Liyu LY1600GH-M 1200kW industrial gas generating units, and building a new 16.8MW gas power plant. The annual power generation is expected to be about 134 million degrees after it is put into operation, which can save 43,000 tons of standard coal/year and reduce carbon dioxide 133,000 tons/year.