Shanxi Province Guandi Low Concentration Gas Power Generation Project

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Guandi Low Concentration Gas Power Generation Project is located in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. The project uses low-concentration gas from Guandi Mine to generate electricity. Liyu's partner Shanghai Aerospace Smart Energy Technology Co., Ltd. purchased a LY1200 low-concentration gas generator set for this project. The project was successfully connected to the grid on June 16 for power generation.
Originally, Guandi Mine could only comprehensively utilize high-concentration gas, and low-concentration gas was directly discharged into the atmosphere, resulting in energy waste. Now the high and low-concentration gas can be eaten dry and squeezed, turning environmental protection benefits into economic benefits, truly turning harm into profit, turning waste into treasure, saving energy and reducing emissions, and contributing to the low-carbon development of the enterprise. The project also recycles and reuses the waste heat generated by gas power generation, and the waste heat is converted into warm air to be transported underground, improving the working environment of miners and realizing the effective use of energy.