Inner Mongolia Fengzhen Fengyu Industrial Tail Gas Power Generation Project

delivery time:2022年05月19日    The author:

The project is located in Fengzhen High-tech Industrial Park, less than 1 km away from the substation, and the power supply conditions are very superior. Fengyu Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. now has a production scale of 4 × 30MVA silicon-manganese furnace and 1 * 5MVA refining furnace, with a total equipment capacity of 143,500 kVA. It mainly produces and sells silicon-manganese alloy and medium-carbon-manganese iron, with an annual production of 200,000 tons of silicon-manganese alloy and 50,000 tons of medium-carbon-manganese iron.
This technological upgrade includes: 4 new sets of silicone manganese purification system, gas transmission system, a new set of 9000m ³ dry rubber membrane sealed gas tank and pressurization system, the total installed capacity of the exhaust gas power generation project is 26.4MW, and the total planning configuration is 22 * 1.2MW Liyu's own brand generator set, which is planned to be built in two phases. The scale of the new power plant in the first phase is 11 × 1.2MW. The gas source comes from the 1 #and 2 #silicon-manganese closed furnaces. It is equipped with 11 Liyu independent brand LY1600GH-M 1.2MW industrial gas generator sets. The output voltage of the generator set is 10.5kV. After the boost transformer rises to 35kV, it is connected to the 35kV busbar section of the original high-voltage distribution room of the power plant along the cable trench with a loop cable. The generator set adopts the mode of being connected to the grid and not connected to the Internet. The power generation is all produced by Fengzhen Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. Power consumption, the insufficient part is replenished by the city network.