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Digital system, intelligent operation

High concentration gas genset

  • Genset size(For the transportation size of genset, the components set separately must be considaered separately)
    • Length(1) 7320mm

    • Width(1) 1700mm

    • Height(1) 2615mm

  • Engine technical specifications
    • Cylinders  20

    • Bore / Stroke170mm/195mm

    • Displacement  88.5dm3

    • Rotating Speed 1500rpm

    • Mean Piston Speed  9.75m/s

    • Ac Of Lube Oil0.2g/kW·h

  • Genset technical parameters
    • Genset ModelLY2000GH/L-W

    • Electrical Power(2)2000kW

    • Fuel Consumption  4820kW

    • Electrical Efficiency(3) 41.6%

    • Thermal Efficiency 44.8%

    • Nox(4) ≤500mg/Nm3

1.For the transportation size of genset, the components set separately must be considered separately

2.Refers to ISO3046/1, 50Hz Generator U=10kV,Cosphi=1.0, the minimum methane number of natural gas is MN70

3.Refers to ISO8525-1, 50Hz Generator U=10kV,Cosphi=1.0, the minimum methane number of natural gas is MN70

4.NOX emission: NOX≤0.5g NO2/Nm3(Content of dry exhaust gas in 5% O2)

For special gas and dual fuel gas applications, please consult our staff. The data herein are for reference only and not as binding value. 

LY2000 unit features and advantages

  • Intelligent Operation

    One-key start, automatic synchronization;

    Automatic load distribution;

    Emergency, failure shutdown protection;

    Configure remote monitoring system. 

  • Economical and Efficient

    Efficiency reaches 41.6%;  

    Comprehensive utilization rate of energy reaches up to 87%;

    Annual operational time reaches up to 8000 hours with a long period of overhaul maintenance;

    Low consumption of lubricant with a lower cost of operation and maintenance;

    Low emission with a dual guarantee for economical efficiency and environmental protection

  • High Applicability of Concentration Variation

    Electric hybrid technology based on combustion regime; 
    Optimized air-fuel ratio algorithm;  

    Dual-regulation of gas and air, applicable to concentration of a large fluctuation;  

    Rapid follow-up and response with a high reliability. 

  • Adapt to Low Calorific Value Gases

    Air inlet channel with a low flow resistance;  

    Adapt to methane concentration of 8% at minimum;

    Industrial ECU with an Auto-Fit main control unit;

    Output power and stability are invariable. 

  • Design of High Reliability

    Design featured by fire retardance, anti-explosion, knocking detection and control safety;  

    Advanced finite element analysis technology, ensuring a high-efficient operation under a variation of gas quality; 

    High-speed set with a stable operation and greatly improved reliability; Low-temperature emission reduces thermal load of piston, gas valve and booster; 

    Unique design in combustion chamber, effectively reducing cylinder and emission temperature; Separation design for strong and weak electricity avoids control intervention;   

    Multi-parameter cross-check technology enhances operational reliability of engine with an advanced technique, small volume and compact structure.   

  • Apply Imported High-Quality Components

    Further optimize gas control valve, realizing a more precise ignition time;   

    Advanced knocking control system can effectively detect knocking status;

    Upgraded turbocharger can enhance operational capacity of generator set;  

    Generator set can precisely control air-fuel ratio upon a comprehensive upgrade of system.