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Cross Domain to Support Distributed Energy Development

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      Under the global energy sector adjustment and changes. China's energy production and consumption revolution has also begun. Some experts said that the development and application of distributed energy technology, electric power system of our country is experiencing a diversified trend. By 2015, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have released "a further deepening reform of electric power system in a number of opinions" and the on speeding up the construction of ecological civilization of opinions ", a series of policies to encourage investment in the construction of various types of distributed power according to the local conditions. 
      Distributed energy as a local energy supply system ,with high utilization high efficiency, safety and environmental protection and renewable energy utilization fit higher advantages, In the current round of new power reform ", the good news includes not only put forward to open the access to the establish a new mechanism for the development of distributed power supply, a new ecological environment is formed around the distributed energy industry. 
      It is worth noting that, through the deepening of electricity reform, demand side management and energy services and other areas to promote the development of distributed energy industry related fields are ushered in a historic opportunity for development. There was correlation between these elements, in the "Internet plus" plan of action, more will be formed and distributed energy mutual penetration, cross fusion trend. 
      By the new electricity reform program repeatedly named 
      Distributed energy is to reflect the energy-saving and emission reduction, safe and flexible multiple advantages of energy development, It is an important way to achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction, and also the development of the electric power industry. It is an important direction for energy-saving emission reduction model. If will become an important means foe own country’s energy reform our country to the energy structure of an important means. 
      November 2014, China and the United States jointly issued the "Sino US Joint Declaration on climate change." It is the first time China official suggested that China's carbon emissions in 2030 is expected to reach a peak. National "12th Five-Year" planning outline clearly during "12th Five-Year" period emission will decreased by about 17%. 
      Whether it comes from the domestic energy structure transition, or pressure from domestic and foreign low carbon energy development, the forecast for distributed energy will have explosive growth, On the further deepening of the power reform (2015) 9," the text, the development of distributed energy is further focus . 
      In the area of energy conservation and emission reduction, new electricity reform program calls for strengthening science and technology innovation in the field of energy. Promote change in the power industry development and energy structure optimization and development, to improve the quality and efficiency, improve the  natal of renewable energy and distributed energy system power in the overall  power supply. 
      Steadily push forward the reform of the sale of electricity, the orderly liberalize the electricity business to the community. The new electricity reform program requires a number of ways to foster market players. Among them, the distributed energy is one, proposed to allow distributed power or micro network system to participate in power transactions. In addition, the high tech Industrial Park and Economic and Technological Development Zone, social capital investment, public service industry and energy saving service companies are also suitable for the development of distributed energy sources. 
     Opening the grid access and establishment of distributed power new mechanism for the development, End the new electricity reform points out that it should actively develop distributed power, mainly for “self utilization and excess connected to the grid  , grid adjustment mode of operation, Under safe situation, development of  advanced energy storage technology, information technology micro grid and smart grid technology, improve the system of absorptive capacity and energy utilization efficiency. In addition, to improve parallel the grid operation service, strengthen and standardize the supervision and management of self owned power plants and fully release the user side of the distributed power market put forward the requirements and recommendations. 
      New ecology under cross domain cross integration 
At present, barrier for the development of distributed energy still exist, but new electricity reform program put in force, distributed energy and demand side management, energy conservation service and sells the electricity side release between, a cross domain cross fusion, collaborative development of the situation is already open. 
      China Energy Network Chief Information Officer Mr. Han Xiaoping believes that the development of distributed energy and power demand side management is bound to appear cross fusion. In the new electricity reform program, it was mentioned attention has to be paid on development of distributed energy, which is the demand side to participate in energy production, energy production and consumption revolution are the key node. 
      The purpose of reform is not to provide lower utility cost to encourage more high energy consuming enterprises, but to promote the rapid transformation of the whole of China's economic structure, improve the quality of economic growth, reduce energy consumption. Manage the new electricity reform program, which requires   applying demand side management work, and the power demand side management will reverse the traditional power system to achieve disruptive change. 
      China's energy consumption is 4 times that of Japan, 2.44 times the United States. In the next 10 years, China maintain the total energy consumption through improve energy utilization efficiency still can double the total economy growth, so as to achieve the same level as the United States, and reach the same level of Japan by 2035. This requires more users on the energy system to conduct a comprehensive demand management and carry out energy efficiency services. 
In the market, the implementation of demand side management requited   more energy saving services company. Energy service companies, public service industries and distributed energy sources can all be used as the main entity of electricity sales. Therefore, the energy-saving service enterprises will play an important role in the future electricity reform and distributed energy development.  And these come from different areas, seems to be operating in the same direction of the enterprise, in the new situation is no longer lonely". 
       Mr. Han Xiao Ping said the sale of electricity enterprises must carry out the power demand management, and power demand management will gradually take into account energy-saving service. They also need to manage energy users trust and efficiency trust. This type of manage future will become a new profit model,and the development of distributed energy in the energy efficiency trust capability will be reflected. Energy efficiency trust management will push energy internet development. Through internet plus will improve competitive service". 
       These different fields all point to the distributed energy, and the different fields are affected by each other, during this major electric reform which leads electric reform is to a new ecology. 
Characteristic of "Internet plus", is reform, opening and remodeling fusion. In the new ecology of distributed energy development, the interaction between power supply and demand, and the control of distributed energy resources need to be connected with technology to promote the development of distributed energy. In our country, with the development of solar power, distributed energy, gas and others future, "Internet plus" boom, distributed energy development will leapfrog. 

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