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Multi complementary, to promote the transformation of traditional energy

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      China has become the world's largest energy producer and consumer, but the traditional energy production and consumption patterns have been difficult to adapt to the current situation. Under fast normal economic growth, and limited resources, quick energy revolution is mandatory.  
      The development of distributed energy is one of the important ways of energy saving and emission reduction. Distributed energy as an important way of improving the efficiency of energy utilization. State has introduced a series of policies to encourage the development of distributed energy. Let’s look at the main focus of current and future distributed energy development. 
      Natural gas distributed energy natural gas distributed energy demonstration projects: City, Industrial Park, Tourist service area, Ecological park, large commercial complex such energy demand area, construction area of distributed energy systems and building distributed energy system; in area where condition permits, combined with solar energy, wind energy, ground source heat pump and other renewable energy, building energy comprehensive utilization project. 
      Distributed Renewable Energy -- promoting distributed renewable energy projects focus  in civil construction, for city to promote solar water heating, solar power, geothermal energy, waste generation and other new energy technology; in the city community, industrial park and enterprise energy consumption, center and should actively carry out distributed wind energy. Solar power, geothermal energy and other resources, use in the region, should have buildings use heating.  the try to implement building integrated photovoltaic; Important scenic spots, forest, remote and rural areas, use off grid wind power, solar power, small biomass and other renewable energy. 
      Solar energy industry, including: 
      Photovoltaic power generation. July 2013, the State Council issued a number of opinions on healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, relevant ministries have launched photovoltaic subsidies, electricity prices, project management, and connection to the grid supporting policies. 2014, the National Energy Board issued a notice of the annual new construction of photovoltaic power generation clearly put forward, the annual total of new project of 14 million kilowatts of target. Based on favorable policies and clear forget, in 2014 the overall development trend of China's photovoltaic market continued the good momentum of 2013. Distributed photovoltaic has become the main tone of photovoltaic development in China in 2014. The newly launched PV favorable policies most involving distributed photovoltaic, 2014 domestic distributed photovoltaic new ratio also increased from 30% in 2013 to around 60%, state direction forward development of distributed PV become increasingly clear. 
      Solar thermal utilization. The future development trend is to expand the scope of application, improve the heat utilization of solar energy in the heat supply replacement ratio. In the construction, to further improve the production efficiency and product quality, promote manufacturing of automation line, support the research and development of flat plate heat exchanger with high temperature heat exchanger. Strengthen, and improve the supporting service system. In the application area, broaden the scope of thermal utilization, accelerate the use of solar heating and refrigeration system, promote solar thermal utilization contributions in the field of building energy conservation; promote solar and thermal heat and energy supply, expand the application areas; to solar energy hot water system. 
      Distributed energy development potential is huge. China's housing construction using solar system area together 20.02 billion square meters, if 20.02 billion square meters of solar usable area, base on 100 watt photo voltaic system square meters,  there will be 20 million kilowatts of installed capacity. If 50% use solar photovoltaic power generation system, there will be 10 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation system. The application of ground source heat pump is one of the fastest growing areas in the heat utilization of geothermal energy. Ground source heat pump is a high efficiency and energy saving air conditioning system which can be used for heating and cooling by using shallow geothermal resources (also known as geothermal energy, including ground water, soil or surface water, etc.). Ground source heat pump through the input of a small amount of power, to achieve low temperature heat transfer to high temperature. In the winter, the heat source is used to heat the building, and in summer the cold source in the ground is used to supply cold to the building. China's ground source heat pump has more than 200 million square meters. 2015, the national geothermal heating area of 500 million square meters, geothermal power installed capacity of 100 thousand kilowatts, geothermal energy of 20 million tons of standard coal. 
At this stage, to replace traditional energy with a single clean energy is alternative has been unable to fully meet the actual needs. By solar thermal, photovoltaic, water, ground source heat pump, air source heat pump, gas boiler, biomass, wind power and other kinds of low carbon energy, to the idea of multi energy complementary into system integration, through the wisdom of energy control platform for unified management, adjust measures to local conditions to choose the most appropriate solution of the project, complement each other to form an effective conventional centralized energy supply mode. The "multi energy complementary to promote the traditional energy transformation, smart solutions for cleaner energy" concept, will be a period of time in the future reduce China's energy consumption and carbon emissions, solve one of the new urbanization development in energy demand is the most effective way. Solutions include: suitable for low carbon community solutions, suitable for rural new energy demonstration county to solve scheme, suitable for green and low carbon urban solutions, solutions for comprehensive park, solutions for the green ecological city etc, With the national policy guide to, constantly develop corresponding to meet user’s need in a variety of Solutions. The wisdom of the energy control platform using the "Internet plus" concept, through a variety of energy data collection and unified access to energy monitoring cloud platform. 

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