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Distributed Energy-Challenge and opportunity.

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       This year, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have released " the further deepening of the reform of electric power system in a number of opinions" and the speeding up the construction of ecological civilization of opinions "and a series of policies to encourage investment in the construction of various types of distributed power according to the local conditions. At present, through energy-saving way to solve problem of waste of resources, by improving energy efficiency to solve the problem of insufficient supply, through a combination of Internet thinking to achieve energy efficient and intensive use and with the changes in the energy system to improve energy management, has realized the critical element of energy revolution. 
      Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering, vice-chairman and Secretary General, Mr Xie Mingliang had said that in the energy revolution, the deepening of the electricity reform, under the new situation of energy-saving and emission reduction, distributed energy resources as the comprehensive utilization of energy efficient supply system, has major opportunity. Facing climatic change, air pollution and energy security, in order to realize the transformation of energy system, all countries in the world choose to vigorously develop renewable energy, However, the development of distributed energy resources in China, especially natural gas, still faces challenges and opportunities. 
      Multiple challenge 
      Experts analysis the problems in China's natural gas distributed energy development: poor economic benefit, difficult to connect to grid  relevant policy not supporting implementation, institutional constraints and natural gas energy positioning problem becomes five factors restricting the development of natural gas distributed energy. 
 Because of price control the price of oil price is unreasonable, high gas price restrict the interest for people to invention construction of natural gas distributed energy projects, On the demand side, the natural gas distributed energy is based on the thermal price base on coal heating their based of pricing, the price of electricity is based on coal tiring, so the environmental advantages basically can not be reflected. In addition, the natural gas distributed energy critical gas turbine localization level is still low, the initial cost and maintenance cost is high so people does not want to invest in it.  According to industry analysts, even if it has been building a distributed energy projects, there are still some problems, such as the choice of unreasonable cold heat and power load does not match, and so on. 
        In the field of distributed energy, everyone in their filed realized the difficult in connecting to guild, Country’s distributed energy grid policy in many cases has not been well implemented, the core problem is because distributed energy direct affect the utility market, transformation of the old projects for the thermoelectric trio generation input the power grid existing market, new natural gas distribution project is diverted to the grid potential market. 
Distributed energy projects have difficulty in connected to the grid. During implementation there is no effectively supervise. Among them, " the development of natural gas distributed energy guidance" first development and planning, supporting standards, investment subsidies, policy support, financial support five aspects of the policy, they did not follow the initial idea to implant,    In addition, energy system reform is still in process, reform measures still not yet achieve, the energy pricing mechanism still can not be achieved market pricing, external influence cannot force the development of the energy industry. Energy efficiency standards has not become mandatory standards. Therefore, the constraints of institutional mechanisms from another point of view retarded the development of distributed energy. 
          In fact, the entire energy and distributed energy industry still consider, natural gas distributed energy is a form of electricity generation with wrong positioning to wrong to the distributed energy development direction, In the eyes of the investors and owners, distributed energy projects must have financial subsidies to support this idea, and once the fiscal subsidies to meet construction projects granted , it will be easy to neglect emetic market research, planning not done properly.       
Seize new business opportunities 
       China Energy Research Association Executive Vice chairman Mr Zhou Dadi said, to highlight the energy revolution in the "13th Five-Year" energy planning. According to Mr Zhou Dadi, analysis and energy consumption revolution to "curb irrational energy consumption", "firmly control the total energy consumption, and effectively implementation energy-saving policy "; Energy supply revolution meet to "establish multi supply system"; "closely follow the international energy technology revolution. Aimed at  green and low carbon emission direction "; "reduction energy commodity attribute", "must let market determine energy pricing mechanism," the transformation of government on energy regulation "and" establish a perfect legal energy "system . 
          China's Energy Network Chief Information Officer  Mr Han Xiaoping pointed out that in the development of distributed energy in the new ecology, electricity sales, the interaction between supply and demand, the control of distributed energy, etc.. In our country, with solace power, mature 800 and of the distributed energy, needs internet technology up grade , "Internet plus" boom will lead to distributed energy development technology. 
      According to experts opinion "13th Five-Year" energy development objective, opportunities for distributed energy is more obvious. The objective, highlight the energy supply and demand, total target, including total energy, capacity, type and consumption; it relates the optimization of energy structure relates target, it involves the type of consumable rater, it controls the non-fossil energy rater,   non fossil energy installed ratio and power output nation, it involves nuclear, wind, hydro, it give prominence to energy efficiency commuter target, both energy intensity, energy efficiency, coal consumption, line loss; in addition, but also highlight the ecological and environmental protection and green low carbon target. 
     Macro factor benefit development of distributed energy, climate control is a major factor, Experts believe  Paris objective is only the beginning of a new stage, emission reduction targets will be tightened, but the current response to climate change objectives and policies are still lagging behind, but the direction is to actively moving forward. Climatic change is the major drive for the world's energy technology and policy adjustment. Low carbon development has represented the direction of the world's energy development, if not speed up the transformation, it will quickly fall behind. Mr Zhou said: "around 2020, some developed regions and cities must take the lead in achieving greenhouse gas emissions, China must seriously consider before  2030 to set the peak discharge of domestic targets". 
      Thus, experts believe that the consequent is energy-saving and emission reduction potential rise, even based on 5 thirteen years plan, annual energy increased 1.8%, economic growth by 7%, annual energy saving rate will reach 4.8%, 5 years energy intensity will reduce by 22%. While many places require a reelection by about 10% at their target, so the impact of structural changes and technological potential is huge. Therefore, the development of distributed energy can drive system optimization, improve the efficiency of the system and the overall economy effect, cogeneration and waste heat utilization mode can promote the effective use of energy, it makes distributed energy resources can effectively, also will be reduced ineffective energy transmission. 
       The National Regional Energy Professional Committee Chairman Professor  Xu Wenfa also believed regional energy can promote energy revolution, the goal is to improve the effective use of energy, construction energy-efficiency society, energy-efficient countries, energy-efficient cities, high efficiency region and energy-efficient home. He pointed out that China's energy consumption is high environmental pressure also high, world average energy utilization efficiency is 50.32%, and our country only 36.81%; world average per million us dollar GDP energy consumption is 2.49 tons of oil equivalent, China is as high as 7.18 tones of oil. Therefore, in response to global climatic change, Chinese government commitment based on 2020 unit of gross domestic product carbon dioxide emissions compared with 2005 decreased by 40%-45%, in this ease energy efficiency has to improve more than 85%.  
     Experts pointed out that the development of regional energy together with Internet development provides a broad prospect. Regional energy for multi energy supply at the same time to provide a variety of multi users need is achievable, In a region to achieve this function, without fast information transform is not possible. When energy has been endangering the survival and development, energy revolution has started, the need to use the Internet technology to transform energy to open energy revolution.  
In addition, the development of regional energy call for the combustion engine, chiller, waste heat recovery, equipment of international standard. Regional energy to improve energy efficiency, to achieve comprehensive, integrated energy utilization,
Under such condition most advance technology, with first also equipment and mandating knowhow and have intellectual copy rights, region energy will drive engine equipment mandating and application revolution.     
      Development of regional energy will also promote the revolution in energy conversion technology. Regional energy will be used in all kinds of energy in the region, how to convert the energy into the user's need, how to apply technology, high efficiency and low emissions, which is another energy revolution. High grade, high temperature energy convert to low grade, low temperature energy is relatively easy to achieve, but with be a large amount of low grade, low temperature energy conversion for the energy we need, which requires more new technologies, new equipment. 
   Professor Xu Wenfa said the regional energy requirements to improve system energy efficiency. Real impact on energy efficiency requite every system and device to improve their efficiency, for example, heating system, cooling system, power supply system etc., only each of the system of energy utilization efficiency important the regional energy efficiency can be improved. 
      Some experts have suggested individual distributed power operation genet power for their use, Excess power supply to the grid. Utility control and monitor the distribution. Actively apply advance technology intelligent network. Open up distribution power market, support enterprises communities to set-up, solar, wind, biomass and nautical    gas generation distribution power. Open up the grid for communities to grid. Encourage professional energy companies to co-operate and provide energy management contract to develop distributed power. 

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