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Carefully before, Tengfei 2016 -- Liyu 2015 annual commendation and the 2016 winter Association ended

Number of visits: Date:2016-02-04

      Kyushu a bright flower, flowers smiling, 29 January 2016 in moonlight Hotel, the theme of "heart forward, Tengfei 2016" Liyu 2015 commendation conference and 2016 spring Fellowship will perfect bloom. All Hunan Park Yu people gathered, together we review 2015 the joy of harvest, we were joined by the prospect of the grand blueprint of the imagination in 2016, we has a strong heart, shout: "Yuli tomorrow will be better!" 


      17 28, Hunan Yu, general manager of Hu Shougang Mr. speech opened Liyu years will be the prelude, Guangdong Li Yu, general manager of Fu Hongxing Mr. carrying collective team debut, let us see the people collecting firewood high flame determination; finally the president Mr. Wang Yuefeng passion toast and declared force Yu began formal dinner, the past years of hard work ahead, ignition of a new year's growth, say nothing at all! 



      The same units, the same is a nine to five, the same year, the same is an employee, they outline the different kind of scenery. Then our party into the annual outstanding staff and team awards link site were awarded the 12 outstanding employees, three outstanding management, a dedicated dedication model, a prominent contributors, and two team excellence award. 

      At the end of the party into everyone eagerly to hope that part of the draw, first draw the is Memorial Award 30, followed by the third class award 6, prizes Swiss Army knife rod boxes, three second prize, prize beautiful microwave oven, 2 prize, the prize of Haier washing machine, the final grand prize 43 inch color TV flower falls under the auspices of the people. Temporary increase in red packets from outside suppliers to the party to a new climax, we enjoy and look forward to this unexpected bonus harvest. 

      Sheep bid farewell to the old year Mountain Jade, monkey after new year's Day liquidity, Liyu group in 2015 summary conference and 2016 spring Fellowship will be successfully concluded. The all Qi Huan feast, not only to show the force Yu enjoyable working environment, but also to show the Yuli staff from top to bottom Yitiao Xin. In 2016, people will continue to move forward, together to write a new chapter in the gas engine industry! Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016! Here we come! 

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