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Hunan Provincial Commission by letter and industry technical experts visit Hunan Liyu

Writer:总裁办 李永Number of visits: Date:2016-05-20

        May 18th morning, 4 experts from the Hunan Provincial Commission by letter, the provincial machinery industry technical experts came to visit Hunan Gas Power Co., Ltd.. Mr Wang Zhilin, from the Government  office,  chief engineer of the technical center, Deng Haijun and related personnel visit the R & D center and production and assembly workshop. 

        During the visit to the research and development center, Wang Zhilin explained to the leader and experts in detail company’s 1000kW coal-bed methane internal combustion generator sets and other independent research and development products. Hunan Liyu independent research and development of 1000kW coal-bed gas engine generator achieved major breakthrough. Product compare with other local brand of the same output our generator set has the advantages of smaller in size,lighter in weight, high output, better efficiency, cogeneration comprehensive energy efficiency up to 85% - 90%. Products have 23 patents, technical level is highest among the local brands. Resulting Hunan Liyu gas generator sets are widely used in the field of new energy, the coal seam gas, natural gas, biogas and other hazardous gas to convent as usable energy, Turning waste into treasure with cold, heat, electricity and other resources. At present, Hunan Liyu products have been used in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, Hunan and other projects throughout the country. At full production, the company's production capacity can reach 3000 units (sets) / year, annual production value of about 5 billion, profits and taxes will exceed 1 billion.     

        After the visit, the leader and experts give high appreciation to Hunan Liyu's product. Affirmative to the technological innovation and break though. Hope that Hunan Liyu continue to strengthen technological innovation improve the ROD and assembly stendacal contribute to country objective to develop clean energy for the benefit of the society.     

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