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2016 for the first workshop on-site training.

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        April 12, 2016, Guangdong Liyu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.  successfully organized, a workshop training in No.3 workshop of Hunan Industrial Park Mr.Shen Haijun Deputy Manager. Of after-sales service department completed the training.     

       Manager Shen with more than ten years of working experience clearly explained, the difficult key components of the MWM engine. From individual parts, he went into it function, how each pants interact with other. Form engine operation Principe to engine and pacts maintenance.       

        According to Mr Shen site manager, Guangdong Liyu is currently doing a 2MW gas engine major overhaul for a customer. Major overhaul work currently only Liyu has experience service team can handle it in our factory. We have done this kind of job for a number of times. He hope that more colleagues fully utilize the skill and experience Liyu company has through working in own workshop to learn and improve their gas engine knowledge.    

        Different technical staffs from Guangdong Liyu and Hunan Liyu also participated in the training. Through the detail explanation and lots of question and discussion participants had an in-depth understanding of MWM engine, participate for the recently joined staff. Guangdong Liyu will continue to conduct such kind of training at neglect interval to ensure all staff to have an in depth knowledge of the product and upgrade their skill.           

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