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Guangdong Liyu New Energy Technology Limited

  Guangdong LIyu New Energy technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, formerly known as Dongguan Liyu Gas Power Co., Ltd., headquarter in Dongguan City, China. This is Liyu group first enterprise, Initially is a diesel engine sales and servicing company.Gradually company developed as gas generator set sales and after-sales service for various gas application as well as a comprehensive utilization solutions provider. 
  Over the past 20 years, Guangdong Liyu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. With one mission in mind,is to offer green energy solution, We are committed to improve and develop gas power generation system integration technology and application. We continuously pursuit advanced science and technology and innovative management mode, so as to provide with value-added green energy solutions. We have a number of gas power generation industry research and national patents. Guangdong Liyu New Energy Technology Ltd.is a high-tech enterprises in Guangdong province. 
  Company has already put into commercial operation and under construction projects totally more than 200 units, with a total installed capacity of over 500MW.We will provide 8 billion electrical units of green power electricity to the community. Each year, reduce 30 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and create 2.5 billion yuan of emission reduction.
  Liyu New Energy Technology Limited’s business model of providing gas generator set sales and service + gas power generation project contractor + gas energy investment and operations, turning waste into treasure, for customers provide more comprehensive energy utilization of services. In the 2010 CVAwards for most potential business enter prise,Liyu New Energy technology Ltd, was named China's most worth inverted energy service companies.