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about liyu

         Liyu group was founded in 1994, it's predecessor Dongguan Liyu Gas Power Co., Ltd., headquarter in Changsha City, Hunan Province, this is the core, branches out to Guangdong, Hunan, Shanxi, with three new energy industrial bases of operation and a professional rubber manufacturing enterprises - Liyu Yi Bao Shoe Material Co., Ltd.

         Liyu group includes Guangdong Liyu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan Liyu Gas Power Co., Ltd., Shanxi Liyu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (including Yangquan Liyu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.), Guangdong Liyu Power (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Five wholly owned subsidiaries.
         Liyu group is based on energy as our core business, Products and service spread throughout China. We have gas engine R & D and manufacturing, to provide gas engine equipment sales, system integration and after-sales service. and coal seam gas power plant investment and operation. Our product and service have widely been used in the field of coal mine gas, marsh gas, natural gas and other gas power generation. 
         Liyu group is one of the leader in developing green economy, Our mission is to provide generator sets, system solution and project development for customers energy saving and emission reduction projects, Our goal is to be the leader in China Gas Energy equipment manufacturing as well as leader in the development and utilization of coal-bed methane. For over 20 years, Liyu has focused in contributing to the Green Energy market, We continuously focus on improving the gas generation set development and application know-how. With innovative operation model , we provide value added green energy solutions to our customer.  We hold a number of gas power generation industry research and national patents.Liyu has been recognized as the high tech enterprises in Hunan Province and Guangdong Province.  
         The Group has now put into commercial use and construction projects in a total of more than 200 units, with a total installed capacity of more than 500MW。